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ATF Publications Library


No Guns No Money Business Cards


Your Pennsylvania Gun Rights Flyer


Concealed Carry Tips – Part 1


Concealed Carry Tips – Part 2


Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps


National Reciprocity

National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015

Amends the federal criminal code to authorize a person who is carrying a valid, government-issued identification document containing that person's photograph and a valid permit to carry a concealed firearm in one state, and who is not prohibited from possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm under federal law, to possess or carry a concealed handgun (other than a machine gun or destructive device) in another state in accordance with the restrictions of that state.






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NewsPennsylvania AG Targets Partially-Manufactured Receivers, Gun Owners


Everytown Demands Sheriffs, Police Denounce 2A Sanctuary Movement


Myth busted: Campus carry never caused that increase in violence liberals predicted


We Cannot Rely Solely on the Courts to Save the Second Amendment


 NRA Files Joint Legal Challenge Against Firearm Storage Initiative Petition


Strong Firearms Preemption Laws are More Important Than Ever


Pittsburgh Jews react to judge striking down gun laws passed by City Council


Another Monumental Win: FOAC and FPC Defeat Pittsburgh in Preemption Battle; Peduto Plans Revenge on Gun Owners


Higher court ruling could change DA’s argument on private complaints against Peduto, council


'O’Rourke Is Delusional': Sheriffs Rip Into Beto For Wanting to Send Cops to Confiscate AR-15s


Three Gun Control Bills Pass out of Committee


What's At Stake In The Guns Case At The Supreme Court?


Women Testify Against Proposed Congressional Assault Weapon Ban


Here’s The Document The White House, Barr Are Using To Push Gun Control On Republicans


Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App


Marching Toward Gun Confiscation: Prohibition Advocates Released Unhinged Gun Control Plan


Journalist Attempts to Buy Guns at Walmart, Ends Up Collapsing the Left’s Anti-Gun Narrative Instead


Pro-Gun Congressmen Introduce Bill to Modernize Gun Sales


Important Statement from NRA CEO & Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre


The Pennsylvania supreme court rules that legal gun owners aren’t second-class constitutional citizens. SCOTUS, take note


Pittsburgh argues that gun ordinances do not represent outright ban


The Facts Are In, And Doctors Are More Likely To Kill You Than A Gun


Eight Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Who Plan to Come for Your Guns


Sunday Hunting Legislation Passes Senate, Moves to House


Study Reinforces What We Already Know: Criminals Don’t Follow the Law


2019-20 Anti-Gun Legislation-PA House& Senate


2019-20 Critical Pro-Gun Legislation-PA House & Senate


Castle Doctrine: DA: Pittsburgh tow truck driver who shot rival acted in self-defense


MONUMENTAL Decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding whether the Open Carrying of a Firearm is Reasonable Suspicion of a Crime


Supreme Court Needs To Make States Stop Ignoring The 2nd Amendment


Pennsylvania State Representative Aaron Bernstine (R-10) has introduced HB 1412, Pennsylvania’s “Constitutional Carry” bill


Information for Medical Marijuana Cardholders


Updated:Pennsylvania Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws


Democrats are still lost on gun control and presidential power


John Lott On ‘Folly’ Of So-Called Red Flag Laws

Hickenlooper Wrong On Universal Background Check Impact


House Passes Sweeping Gun Control Bill


Supreme Court Picks up Speed on Second Amendment Cases


Operation Self Defense


Bloomberg-backed Gun Control Agenda is Scheduled for a Hearing in House Judiciary on Monday


U.S. Supreme Court (Finally) Takes Another Second Amendment Challenge to a Gun Control Law


Keep Telling Your Members of Congress to Oppose “Universal” Background Check Bills


It's Happening, Gun Owners: Cornyn Introduces Highly-Anticipated 2A Bill


Pittsburgh, guns rights group spar over signs posted ahead of Monday rally

Corporate-Driven Gun Control

Governor Wolf and Pittsburgh City Council Conspire With Anti-Gun Organizations to Violate the Law and PA Constitution

This week (February 28, 2018), Senator Wayne Fontana (D-Allegheny) started circulating a co-sponsorship memorandum soliciting members of the Pennsylvania state Senate to support a proposal to ban commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines in Pennsylvania.


Contact your representatives! House Bill 5087 Assault Weapons Ban of 2018!

Pennsylvania to toughen gun laws in domestic violence cases

Most U.S. states have passed gun legislation this year - but Pa. isn't one of them

The Pennsylvania General Assembly adjourned from its 2018 Legislative Session.  In the weeks leading up to adjournment, anti-gun legislators were working diligently to pass multiple gun control measures that sought to place undue burden on law-abiding gun owners in the Keystone State.  The following measures were passed out of the House Judiciary Committee but were never brought up for debate on the House floor

Pennsylvania launches concealed-carry website to clarify rules for gun owners

The Big List of ALL Pennsylvania Gun Shows


Pennsylvania Firearms Laws and Resources



The Pennsylvania Senate is reviving legislation that's designed to make it easier for gun owners and organizations like the National Rifle Association to challenge cities' firearms ordinances in court


  • Pennsylvania: Your Urgent Action Needed to Pass Important Firearms Preemption Legislation!
    Legislation Overview

    Next week is the final week of the 2016 legislative session for the Pennsylvania General Assembly. With time winding down, it’s time for the legislature to pass Senate Bill 1330, important firearms preemption legislation. While the Senate successfully passed SB 1330 this week, the House of Representatives failed to take action on it.


  • Proposed Pennsylvania Gun Law HB503
    Legislation Overview

    Title: Relating to firearm registration; providing for duties of the Pennsylvania State Police; and imposing penalties.

    Description: An Act relating to firearm registration; providing for duties of the Pennsylvania State Police; and imposing penalties.

    Session: 2015-2016 Regular Session

    Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

    Last Action Date: February 17, 2015


    Note: the first sponsor listed is normally the primary sponsor. If a sponsor's name is a hyperlink you can click on it to 'follow the money'.

    6 sponsors: Angel Cruz; Mark Cohen; Vanessa Brown; Michelle Brownlee; Michael O'Brien; Thaddeus Kirkland

  • HB503 (link to actual house bill)


  • Pennsylvania Senate approves bill to allow gun groups standing to sue municipalities
    The state Senate approved a measure late Wednesday that would give gun groups -- including the National Rifle Association -- standing in court to sue municipalities that enact their own gun laws.
  • Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms
    Federal law does not restrict individuals from transporting legally acquired firearms across state lines for lawful purposes except those explicitly prohibited by federal law to include convicted felons; persons under indictment for felonies; adjudicated “mental defectives” or those who have been involuntarily committed to mental institutions; illegal drug users; illegal aliens and most nonimmigrant aliens; dishonorably discharged veterans; those who have renounced their U.S. citizenship; fugitives from justice; persons convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence; and persons subject to domestic violence restraining orders. Therefore, no federal permit is required (or available) for the interstate transportation of firearms.  Title 18- Part 1- Chapter 44- s926A

    Many states and localities have laws governing the transportation of firearms. Travelers must be aware of these laws and comply with legal requirements in each jurisdiction. There is no uniform state transportation procedure for firearms. If in doubt, a traveler should carry firearms unloaded, locked in a case, and stored in an area (such as a trunk or attached toolbox) where they are inaccessible from a vehicle’s passenger compartment and not visible from outside the vehicle. Any ammunition should be stored in a separate locked container. (Follow above link for more...)
  • Pennsylvania: Senate Passes Firearms Preemption Legislation, Also Votes to Ban Pigeon Shoots
    Your help is still needed - Call your state Representative now! After four years in the making, yesterday the Pennsylvania Senate finally voted to pass firearms preemption legislation in the form of an amendment to House Bill 80. HB 80 passed by an overwhelming 34-14 vote. This critical firearms preemption bill is not out of the woods yet, though. We are down to the final hours of the 2014 legislative session, and your immediate action could make the difference to achieve this long-overdue measure. The state House is expected to vote on HB 80 on Monday, October 20, and we need you to contact your state Representative today!
  • Pennsylvania: Employer Firearm Parking Lot Bans Widespread
    Please contact your state legislators today and ask them to make employee protection a priority this session.  Tell them we want to work together to ban these types of arbitrary policies – and STOP the banning of firearms in one's private motor vehicle. Tell them that 23 states around the country have employee protection parking lot laws, and that Pennsylvanians should have the same rights as nearly half of the country.
  • A synopsis of Pennsylvania state laws on purchase, possession and carrying of firearms.

  • Handgun Laws - PA

  • Carrying Firearms in Pennsylvania

  • Carrying a Firearm For Employment (ACT 235)

  • PA Lethal Weapons Training Program

  • Pa Attorney Gen - Firearm Reciprocity Agreements 

  • PA FOA.ORG - PA Reciprocity Agreements Personal Firearms Records

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