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A revolver is a repeating firearm that has a cylinder containing multiple chambers and at least one barrel for firing. As the user cocks the hammer, the cylinder revolves to align the next chamber and round with the hammer and barrel, which gives this type of firearm its name. In modern revolvers, the revolving cylinder typically chambers 5 or 6 rounds, but some models hold 10 rounds or more. Revolvers are most often handguns, but other weapons may also have the design of a revolver.*


A semi-automatic pistol is a type of handgun that can be fired in semi-automatic mode, firing one cartridge for each pull of the trigger. Whereas other types of handguns accomplish this function by using multiple chambers and a single barrel (revolvers) or multiple chambers and barrels (for example, some derringers), semi-automatic pistols use a single chamber and a single barrel, which remain in a fixed linear orientation relative to each other while being fired and reloaded semi-automatically. Some terms that have been, or still are, used as synonyms for semi-automatic pistol are automatic pistol, self-loading pistol, self-loader, autopistol, and autoloader.*

A semi-automatic pistol uses the energy of one shot to reload the chamber for the next. Typically recoil energy from a fired round is harnessed mechanically via either recoil operation or blowback operation; however, larger calibers may also be gas operated (for example, the Desert Eagle). After a round is fired, the pistol will cycle, ejecting the spent casing and chambering a new round from the magazine, allowing another shot to take place immediately.*

Most types of semi-automatic pistols rely on a removable magazine. It is typically located inside the hand grip.*


Long Guns

The term long gun is used to describe classes of firearm and cannon with longer barrels than other classes. In small arms, a long gun is designed to be fired braced against the shoulder, in contrast to a handgun, while in artillery a long gun would be contrasted with a howitzer or carronade.*

The actual length of the barrels of a long gun are subject various laws in many jurisdictions, for example by the National Firearms Act in the United States, which sets a minimum length of 16 inches (40 cm) for rifle barrels and 18 inches (45 cm) for shotgun barrels. Canada has a limit of 18.5 inches (47 cm) for either. In addition, both countries put a minimum fireable length for long guns with detachable or folding stocks of 26 inches (66 cm).*

Examples of various classes of small arms generally considered long arms include, but are not limited to:*

  • rifles
  • shotguns
  • muskets
  • blunderbusses
  • carbines
  • wall guns
  • musketoons

* Above descriptions provided by Wikipedia

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