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We can accept your firearms for display and sale in our shop on a consignment basis. You keep 90% of the sale price! Consignments are also photographed and listed for sale on our website - no extra charge.
Registration Transfer
We handle the registrations for guns sold by Guns Priced Right and for online sales coming from FFLs. We also transfer registration for firearms sold as part of a private transaction between parties. We DO NOT accept transfers from gun dealers who list guns on classified websites (e.g., Gun Broker, Guns America, Armlist, etc.). If in doubt or you have any reservations about accepting a firearm from one of these types of websites, please call us (412-466-5199) 'BEFORE' you purchase.  Person to person (private sale) transfers are $30. The registration fee for transfers coming from an FFL is $25.
Do you need a firearms collection photographed for insurances purposes? We can print photos for albums and/or burn the collection on CD. Custom photography packages are designed to meet any budget. Just give us a call and let us know what you need.



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